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Oct 20, 2006

Dinner at Osteria di Buonconvento

What a find! Anne and I decided to walk into town to find internet service and look for a piano bar she had read about. The piano bar was elusive, but during the search, we came across narrow, cobblestone streets filled with shops that had their wares spilling over on the sidewalks. We didn’t know where to start!

Evenings like these are a true sensory experience. There are smells of all kinds….scents of leather goods; different foods, baked bread, pizza, fruit piled high on outdoor stands; perfume from the elegantly dressed woman who passed by, or the smell of man hard at work. Street lamps stretch their yellow arms as far as they can, embracing tablewares and passers-by in their warm glow yet leaving corners in dark and mysterious contrast. Brilliant colored stones sparkle in their metal trappings waiting for willing hands to wrap them around a long and beautiful neck, bare wrist or naked finger. Colors of bright yellow sunflowers trapped in tablecloths or ceramic dishware and pared with reds, blues and greens. There are silky scarves begging to be touched, beautiful stiletto shoes asking to strut about town; furs to be caressed and worn only in my imagination.

Mouths open and strange but beautiful sounds, seemingly all vowels, soft and gentle tumble forth, one word caressing another. Strains of accordion music draw us around a corner expecting to find nothing more than a loudspeaker. We find instead a jolly man, sitting outside a restaurant with his instrument, sending musical notes to the ends of the street to beckon the curious and enchanted. We are entranced and decide to stay for dinner and indulge our last sensory experience. Steamed vegetables, seafood, soup, pork, wine and limoncella; eaten to the strains of Italian and French music. What a treat!

These will have to be some of life’s simple pleasures….good food, good company, good ambiance and a good walk to show off the limoncella.

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  1. An evening spent in Sorrento is a lovely experience and you have captured it very well.



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