The Amalfi Coast ~ Romancing Italy

Oct 20, 2006

The Amalfi Coast

This coastline is amazing…which means the road that curves its way along its edge is amazing. This is a road for sports cars and motorbikes…but that is coming from someone who loves to hug the curves, whether in a car or a bike. Half my fun was driving and the other was taking in the sheer cliffs that plunged into the sea. We drove from Sorrento to Amalfi and took in some of the hill towns that were along the way.

There are some incredible properties with fantastic views and Anne and I stopped to soak it all in. We walked through old center after old center without tiring of the feel…knowing that the cobblestones and walls held secrets of the ages. If only they could recount history.

We ate in Amalfi, staring at a woman who seemed to have an unusual attachment to a duck. The duck swam with her, came when she called and loved to be picked up and hugged.

Ravello, which held so much promise to be extraordinarily beautiful, was somewhat disappointing to us. Lovely views were to be seen from the balcony of an expensive hotel, but we didn’t find it as captivating as other small hilltowns.

We did have some fun hamming it up for a photo overlooking the ocean and pretending to not understand an Italian hanging out of his car window asking what our names were.



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