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Sep 12, 2006

Thoughts on Family


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I woke up later than I really wanted, but I told myself I’m on vacation so it’s okay. No hurry.

I got to Aulla train station at 9:30am, heading to La Spezia and then on to the Cinque Terre. I’d better not be in a hurry….the next train out is at 1:30!! I could drive there and back several times before the train departs. So why don’t I just drive? Well, I don’t want to look for parking there. It’s easier here in the small town.

So I change my mind and decide I’ll hang out in the area and go to the five tomorrow or Thursday. I visit the tourist office for ideas and end up having a nice chat with the lady there. She might move to Santa Rosa, CA to be with her fiancée and get married. Her dilemma? Leaving her family back here….and Italian families are close. There are memorials all over the place, erected solely for mothers. What will she do there? Who will she know? Americans aren’t known for their friendliness – at least not like here where you go to a bar twice and you are “friends”, invited to gatherings, parties, dinners.

She thought how fortunate I was that I didn’t have as many ties as she (she also had a young son to think of). And in many ways I am lucky. I am free right now to go where I want, when I want and how I want. But human nature is that we are always wanting something that we don’t have. Those tied to partners, jealously eye those who seem to be free. And those who are alone, crave the companionship that comes with having a partner.

I seem to have made something of a circle. I’ve enjoyed a single life, the companionship of a husband (now ex) and a man who I thought would be with me until I got old. But I find myself on my own again. Full circle; with one thing constant - family. I am glad they have loved and supported me through all that I’ve lived through. If there is one thing Italy shows me, it’s that family is important. It has been a backbone throughout the ages. And in that respect, I am very fortunate – very fortunate to have a great family.



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