The Terme and the Castle ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 15, 2006

The Terme and the Castle

The Terme and the Castle magnify

The Terme and the Castle

On one post rainy day, I headed out to see what was directly around Il Viano. I wanted to use the baths at Equi Terme but was afraid there would be some stroke of lightning just when I was in the pool. I figured there will be other places.

I was supposed to have lunch at the river-side ristorante, but the owner came out and in French of all things, told me they would be open in the evening. I think he thought I was French, not because of my pouty French lips or anything like that, but because that day, I was wearing a red T-shirt, with “le monelle” written on it. Who knows what it means…for all I know I’m walking around with “money” scrawled across my chest – just asking for trouble.

Well, Mary, at some point I passed that invisible line where things close for the season. Everywhere I go now, it’s “last week, if you were here” – it’s always just out of my reach. BUT, I’ll have you know that since I had to buy face cream (thanks to airport restrictions, I didn’t bother to pack any) I naturally chose La Roche Posay – out of spite.

The Castle was closed – the tour guide mysteriously didn’t show. The owner was there though and the couple who got there before me was there on business so I got to see the place as she showed it to them. I was impressed with her renovation. The dining room had under flooring heating. That is pretty much up to date as it gets. I was fascinated with the roof – slate rock stacked, but I don’t know how it stays in place. The skeleton was found during renovation – of a knight who must have died an unfortunate death to be there alone like that. The real skeleton is in a museum somewhere. I think they saved some cash on the fencing around the outdoor courtyard – very cheap but nevertheless sturdy, what do you call them…the things used strengthen concrete structures. Anyway, not very aesthetic but it worked.

It took her 10 years to reach that point and she stressed “it’s not yet done”. When I told her that it really never reaches completion, she laughed and agreed.



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