Rifugio Col di Baldi ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 9, 2006

Rifugio Col di Baldi

Rifugio Col di Baldi
Rifugio Col di Baldi magnify

Okay, so I decided I am a sucker for punishment; I had to go back in, but this time I cheated.

I took the chair lift, saving me from a three hour steep uphill hike. I ain’t no dummy.

I did have to pay my dues getting to the rifugio, but it was worth it. I asked if they had a bed free for the night. Yep, they did. And 19 other sweaty people kept me company. I can’t remember the last time I smelt so much BO.

By the way….I noticed that many of them carried large packs, stuffed to capacity and I wondered just what on earth could they have stored in there since they don’t have to carry stuff for cooking or food. We are required to stay at the huts and can’t camp like we do in the States. They don’t think twice about bringing up full size toothpaste, large fluffy towels, slippers, everything but the kitchen sink. I on the other hand, made sure I had lightweight, backpacker stuff – anything to take an ounce off or two. I’m a wimp, what can I say….

I had a nice conversation with a guy from Germany after dinnertime. He isn’t a mountain person but came along to see what it was like with his friend. He just about died after a 10 hour day hiking. He was glad to have someone else to talk with ( I was glad to have someone to talk TO) and as a thank you, he unloaded some of his gear by giving me a T-shirt of his. Ahem....how do you say ‘no’ when there are a thousand reasons to say ‘no’ without seeming mean or something? I have his shirt and I don’t even know his name.

I got a few photos of myself in this round – Anne, I think of you everytime I use Burts Bees – thanks for the tube – it has come in extremely handy! I hung out at the lake waiting for the sunset. Two men came by and walked up the side of the hill like it was a walk in the park. I knew t would have an awesome view from where they went, but I also knew I would never make it up.

The photo of the elderly woman – I had to take it; I bet she could out-walk me any day.

And the ramshackled buildings? Yes, people live there. Must be summertime lodging judging from the roof.



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