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Sep 10, 2006

Only a Day in Venice....mistake

A day in Venice
A day in Venice magnify

A Day in Venice:

Okay, Venice was on my agenda only because it would be a shame to come to Italy and not see it for myself. I imagined it would be just like most cities, even smelly, dirty, crowded.

It was all that, at one point or another, but I love this city. I couldn’t get myself to leave.

After all, Venice was good to me. I accidentally got into the Basilica di San Marco for free, had a tiramisu and ice-cream for lunch and later hooked up with three other women who wanted a gondola ride and split the cost. Our guide pointed out the house that Marco Polo lived in….it put that game in a whole new light to me…no wonder we only played it in a pool.

I really loved the colors here too or maybe that’s because so far I’ve been seeing a lot of architecture with the Germanic influence and not the medieval character that I’ve been looking for. Well, it’s here!

One thing I would have liked to attend, but will miss…Antonio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” that will be performed on Friday evening at one of their beautiful churches.

Movies for “armchair” travelers: The Italian Job came to mind when I saw boats racing out from under bridges; I thought of The Courtesans when I was on the Rialto Bridge; and who wouldn’t think of The Da Vinci Code – this is Italy. I’ll think of Bread and Tulips when I get to Florence.

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