On the way to Il Viano ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 12, 2006

On the way to Il Viano

Il Viano
Il Viano magnify

It’s Monday and my body told me it had to rest. Considering the madness from selling the house, packing up stuff in a hurry and trying to tie up loose ends before leaving; and then getting on a plane (the only time to really do nothing) getting jet lag, but slogging on anyway to do a trek in the Dolomites, twice; and then driving to get to Venice only to turn around and head back to the west coast….I’d say it took it’s time to crash. But what good timing.

If Italy is anything like France, nothing was going on here on Sunday. After getting my stuff to the apartment, I relaxed. You know what happens when you relax. You get SICK. And so I did. I woke up Sunday with a slight fever, runny nose and headache. You might say I “hit the wall”.

I would have liked to stay in Marostica and check out the live chess players. But as it happens when you travel on the fly – sometimes there are no rooms available. So on I drove – to Verona, searching for a room with internet service. Usually, I don’t mind the challenge of searching for something on a map…but this night I’d had it and I settled for the first room available.


The next morning, I checked out Juliette’s tomb on my way out. Juliette’s tomb is now a museum for any and all silly romantics like myself. After all, the story, although it seems to have come from real life, from a couple who were not called Romeo and Juliette, didn’t really become famous until Shakespeare got a hold of it and that’s that! But there I was, feeling really sorry for stone figures!

Speaking of romantics, Juliette’s tomb is a popular place for weddings…well, not in that superbly lit, musty, freaky room with a concrete box and no lid. But in one of the museum rooms, I think they hold civil wedding ceremonies. Brides come adorned in their wedding regalia…some gowns being downright horrible (and I hoped they had better taste in husbands). I saw some finely dressed Italians…not for just one wedding but for three, one right after the other. The cars were decked out with white ribbon from front to back. Believe me, it was a perfect day for a wedding and by mid-morning, I counted six happy couples along my route who had tied the knot. My favorite car was the baby blue VW convertible bug wrapped in white ribbon.

Once out of Verona, I took the long but pretty road to my first apartment in Il Viano. The road was curvy and picturesque – just the way I like it – and just the way every man on a motorbike likes it. I saw two trattorias along the way with their parking lots spilling over with bikes – all racing – I hardly see any cruisers here. That must be an American thing – thanks to Harley Davidson, eh?

This mountain top village had a party on Saturday night. I’d have loved to go – you know me, I just love those crowds – but I was stone fatigued from the day’s driving and staying up late on Friday – so I crashed, literally. I slept most of Sunday, taking a moment to sun out on the patio, do my nails and read a little. I got up feeling much better, so I made breakfast and did some laundry and now I need to do my nails again!!!! What’s with that?!

So that’s my story so far and now I’m going to go out and check out La Spezia. Tuesday, I plan to check out the Cinque Terre – hopefully, by then I’ll be back to normal.



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