Fosdinova.... ~ Romancing Italy

Sep 12, 2006


I didn’t make it to the Cinque Terre on Tuesday after all. Just as well, it rained on the coast. I was inland, at the Castle in Fosdinova, looking out at the ocean and saw the rains come.

I woke up with every intention of hitting the road. And in Bev time, getting to the station at 9:30 was early. The timetable I’d checked the day before had several trains going to La Spezia and continuing on to the 5. But not today. The next train was going to be at 1:30pm. Uh huh. I could drive….but that parking situation didn’t appeal to me.

The tourist office told me of a route I could take the following day and gave other suggestions of things to see in the area. Armed with that info, I headed off to explore the neighborhood and ended up at Fosdinova. It’s still amazing to me that people still live in these buildings. Yes, they have been renovated, but the bones are still in great shape. Well, except for the huge crack on one side of the towers….

I have a knack of arriving at some place right during siesta so the pictures look deserted.

I stopped long enough to have a torta di verdura – supposedly a local dish - looks like a quiche. This area is mountainous and the views just calm your soul. It pays to stop and just look and be still. I hammed it up for a photo there and then watched the rains start on the coast. Things like that I never took the time to notice….because I was in a hurry to get somewhere or do something. This is really what taking time off is all about for me.

On my way back, navigating hairpin turns and marveling at the Italian method of taking the turn from the blind opposite lane, I could swear I saw white. And I know what that means! Europe doesn’t have sheet lightning, but the nice forked kind that tries to reach down to lick something on earth. I stop and wait…and wait, and am rewarded, with a flash of fingers streaking from top to bottom, unfolding from the west to the east; so magnificent, I thought I was going to die.

A couple seconds to feel ever so minute, helpless, of no consequence and mortal all at once.



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