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Aug 30, 2006

Notes to self on the first day....

Entry for August 30, From London to Borzago
Entry for August 30, From London to Borzago magnify

August 30, 2006

Must have’s before 6am: (completely sarcastic here...)

  • The wrong time: My clock was set 45 minutes fast (how did that happen???) so I got up that much earlier to get ready for my flight at 6 this morning. That would have been wonderful sweet sleep….
  • Being stuck in close quarters with women wearing cheap perfume.
  • Almost being bowled over by a big, bald headed man. He didn’t even slow down.
  • Easyjet’s recycled air smelling like exhaust and then baby farts.

Nice...just how I wanted to start my day.

Picked up the car, in Nice France, and started my journey into Italy. It was wonderfully warm and I loved the drive….until I realized the hotel was much further that expected. Then it wasn’t a nice, casual, sightseeing drive….it was a mad dash to get to my destination so I could rest up for my trek the next day. Yes, I am an idiot who planned to fly from California to London, sleep one night and catch an insanely early flight the next morning so I can DRIVE from Nice to Lake Garda.

Look it up on a map and tell me if I didn't leave my marbles somewhere when I made these plans. I am sure this brings to mind some marvelously idiotic things you've done too.

Note to self: follow the cars ahead of you when in doubt. At the toll, I went down a lane that didn’t have a line. That was because it was, um, closed. I had to reverse out and start again.

Along the way I stopped long enough to take some photos – Torbole was breathtaking coming around a bend. But I had two minutes to enjoy it. And on the road again. (Photo above)

Stayed at Hotel Moleta in Borzago – a little town that I thought would never arrive. I cried that I finally was standing still. Jet lag and driving really takes it out of you.

So far it’s hard to believe I am on vacation.



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