Nov 27, 2013

The Dogs of Rutino Scalo

Part of the appeal of the area was that it's quiet with hardly any traffic. With the railroad station closed, most of the cars that move back and forth do so first thing in the morning, around lunch and then after school. I wasn't thinking of ME, I was thinking that Tala could play outside with the other dogs that are in the area.

Poor Diana, the three-legged youngster lives outside all day, all year. She craves attention and will bully off any other dog who comes for petting while she is getting some. She's also the neighborhood thief. That mat under her paws disappeared and the next day, she came back with another one, from another house.

Kika, the orange and white lives up the road and although she is a hunting breed, she's never had the chance to sniff out game and walk proudly after fulfilling her life's purpose. I've been asked to please ignore her as she quietly tries to scratch her back against the underside of a bench. The movement, although innocent seems obscene.

Snoopy is the little brown ratty dog that belongs to the beautiful young woman across the street. Angela. She's the first Angela that I've met. Snoopy is a tiny dog with a courageous heart. Although the smallest dog on the strip and perhaps only a third the size of Tala, he is the only dog willing to take Tala on in play.

The young hound....I'll add him because he was beautiful...so beautiful that either someone took him or he wandered off looking for his old owners. It seems a number of these dogs were just left in the parking lot in front of the church and they fell to the care of the women on the upper part of the street. Rafaella, Bruna and Angela leave food out for the outcasts and the lovely hound was one of them. He appeared one day just skin and bones, but when he disappeared, he had once again returned to being vibrant, shiny and healthy.
Snoopy, the missing hound, Kika's rear end in the distance, Tala's rear end right up front.

Ovidio. I'm going to be mean here because Ovidio is the short, little man down the road but I think this post is more apt for him. He's a retired, Matlock-a-like in his last years who talks in the same tone that pigeons coo. He's taken a dislike to me. Why? Because I wasn't interested in going for walks, trips, eating dinner, kissing and hugging (only, or so he said) or accepting gifts of food from him. He did not know how to take kind and gentle "no's" to his suggestions and I finally ended up being rude. He hates my dog and with little reason, has come to bang on my door yelling at me that I have to keep Tala tied up...no explanation why this came about, just that I have to do that.

It didn't go well for him because I was again rude and shut the door on him while he was still yelling. When I found out the reason, I went to reassure the woman who had been afraid to pass Tala on the road and found out that Little Ovidio has made passes at other women here, even the ones who are married. He himself is a widower of five years, and evil thought occurred to me that death would certainly be faster than divorce.

Sorry, no photos of Ovidio.

I am more careful now with Tala when she goes out. I don't want her to disappear one day and end up on doggie slave market nor do I want an angry old man "accidentally" hitting her with his car.

So much for the nice, quiet road where Tala could play with other dogs in peace.